Two Tips for People Who Want to Make Edible Christmas Presents for Their Loved Ones

If you'll be making edible presents for your friends and family this Christmas, you should take note of these suggestions.

Buy chilli flakes and powder

There are two items that you should definitely pick up when buying items for this festive project from your food suppliers — namely, chilli powder and flakes. Whilst most people are happy to receive homemade, food-based Christmas gifts because of the amount of thought and time that goes into making them, these gifts are often either on par with or slightly inferior to their high-quality shop-bought equivalents. As such, even though the recipients of these presents might appreciate them, they may not be particularly dazzled by how they taste.

However, even though chilli powder and chilli flakes might not be the first ingredients that come to mind when you think of Christmas foods, they could give your edible gifts the 'wow' factor that really impresses your loved ones. For example, if you want to make some chocolate truffles, adding some chilli flakes to them will elevate these ordinary sweets by adding depth and a pleasant heat to them. Furthermore, these red flakes will give the truffles a festive look. Similarly, infusing, for example, a cranberry chutney with some finely-milled chilli powder will make this traditional Christmas food more complex by adding a delicious spiciness to the tart cranberries and sweet sugar.

Ensure the labels you make are both pretty and informative

One of the fun parts of making edible Christmas presents is that you get to make festive labels for the foods you produce. When you do this, it's important to not only make these labels pretty but also to ensure that they are informative. They should, for example, list every single ingredient you used and specify if the items ever came into contact with nuts or other common food allergens.

Whilst this might sound over the top, you should still do it, as whilst you might, for example, know that none of your family members has a spice allergy, they may share the aforementioned chilli chocolate truffles or chilli-cranberry chutney with their friends who do have this allergy. If your labels merely say 'festive truffles' or 'Christmas chutney', then these people may consume and then have a reaction to these foods that contain various forms of chillies. Providing detailed labels will ensure that your homemade edible presents are enjoyed only by those who can safely eat them and don't, therefore, cause these type of problems.

Contact a local supplier to buy chilli for your Christmas presents.